About us

Who we are

Uman4Uman was founded in 2019 by Haja Isatu Bah, an environmental studies graduate from Skidmore College, New York. This initiative was formed when Haja attended United World College in Norway. During her time in Norway, she got to interact with people from over 100 different countries and cultures, and got to learn more about different menstruation products and cultures.

As someone who has first-hand witnessed period poverty, and currently who has basic access to comfortable menstrual health products, she better understood how much of obstacle menstruation is for women in her country.

Hence her determination to bring safe, comfortable, affordable and sustainable sanitary products girls in her country. Using her tailoring skills and network, she developed a prototype and established her social enterprise with a team.


To address the cycle of period poverty, gender equity and economic opportunities for young girls and women by providing them local, affordable, reusable, accessible, healthy and sustainable sanitary pads


To participate in the creation of a world where every female has access to sustainable sanitary pads and proper menstrual health education to enhance gender equality in education and economic opportunity.